SR_26_MarionWarm-mix asphalt (WMA) represents a group of technologies that lowers the temperatures at which asphalt pavement material is produced, placed and compacted. This temperature reduction offers several environmental sustainability benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, lower asphalt plant emissions, and the ability to incorporate higher percentages of recycled asphalt product into pavement mixes.


WMA production processes and equipment are essentially the same as for traditional hot-mix asphalt pavements. However WMA technologies use either water or chemical additives to create a foaming action during production, which results in an asphalt mix that can be produced and placed at lower temperatures compared to conventional hot-mix alternatives. The Indiana Department of Transportation currently recognizes water injection, rather than chemical additives, as an approved approach on the state’s road paving projects.

Depending on plant capabilities, the selected production technology, environmental conditions and other factors, the National Asphalt Pavement Association indicates WMA production temperatures can range from 215°-275°F, compared to 280°-340°F for hot-mix asphalt.


WMA technologies offer many environmental sustainability advantages:

  • An approximate 10% reduction in fuel usage when production temperatures are 50°F lower
  • An approximate 20-50% decrease in carbon emissions, thus lowering the carbon footprint (these percentage reductions are based on averages reported by studies in five countries)
  • Less smoke (vapor) and corresponding odor
  • WMA is a 100% recyclable product


  • When a higher percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP, or recycled asphalt) is combined with WMA technologies, it produces a rut-resistant, longer life pavement
  • More miles of pavement can be paved at less cost using WMA
  • WMA mixes produce higher density pavements
  • WMA is compactable at lower temperatures than hot mixes, which allows for colder weather paving and longer distance hauling to construction sites

E&B Paving’s WMA Solutions

SR_1_RedkeyWith our longstanding attention to environmental sustainability and commitment to delivering world-class solutions at a local level, E&B Paving has been at the forefront of WMA technologies, production and paving in Indiana for several years.

Since late 2008, we have produced more than 1.5 million tons of warm-mix asphalt at our plants throughout Indiana. With plans to add more WMA water foaming technology to our other production facilities, we will improve E&B’s capacity and capability of providing this environmentally friendly paving solution to more customers.

More WMA Information

Contact your local E&B area office to learn how warm-mix asphalt could be a potential solution for your paving needs. You can find our area office contact information HERE.

For more information about warm-mix asphalt practices and technologies, visit the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s website.


Click here to download E&B Paving’s WMA marketing flyer.

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