imix┬« Roller Pave roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture comprised of course and fine aggregates, Portland cement, fly ash and water. Using our vibratory roller equipment and screed technologies, E&B Paving’s experts place and roller compact RCC pavement in a similar manner as our asphalt pavement construction solutions. During this process, concrete compaction begins immediately at the paver and continues throughout the roller stages until the pavement meets density requirements.

In general, Roller Pave RCC pavement is constructed without joints; does not require forms, finishing, surface texturing, joint sawing or sealing; and does not contain dowels or steel reinforcing.

Key Benefits

Because of its low water-cement ratio, Roller Pave RCC pavement typically has high strengths similar to, or even greater than, conventional concrete. Its high-strength properties, combined with ease of construction and high production rate, often make this paving option more economical than a flexible pavement. Additionally, more than 20 years of exposure in various locations throughout the country have demonstrated that RCC pavement delivers adequate resistance to freezing and thawing with little or no maintenance.

Roller Pave RCC offers:

  • Fast Construction
  • High Load Carrying Ability
  • Rut Elimination
  • Spanning of Weak Sub Grades
  • Early Strength Gains
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance and Superior Life Cycle Costs
  • Economical Paving

Project Types and Considerations

Roller Pave RCC can be a viable solution for a variety of industrial, agricultural, road/shoulder, warehouse and heavy-duty pavement requirements, or as a base for conventional pavement. E&B works closely each customer to analyze their needs and provide suggestions for the most effective pavement options.


Sample project applications include:

  • Parking Lots
  • Industrial Access Roads, Loading Docks, Pads and Building Floors
  • Low-Speed Roads and Highway Shoulders
  • Temporary Travel Lanes
  • Distribution Centers
  • Intermodal Transport Yards and Trucking Terminals
  • Ports
  • Waste Facilities
  • Military Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Dams

E&B has completed Roller Pave RCC projects for public- and private-sector clients since 2008, including county and access roads, parking lots, automotive manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, recycling facilities, building floors and construction material storage yards. Our customer projects include:

  • Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, Greensburg, Ind.
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Princeton, Ind.
  • Berry Plastics, Evansville, Ind.
  • OmniSource Corporation, Indianapolis
  • Opus Development (ConAgra Foods Distribution Center), Frankfort, Ind.
  • Deardorff Dairy Farm, Macy, Ind.
  • Gallahan Travel Plaza, Peru, Ind.
  • Park 100 Foods, Indianapolis
  • Johnson County Highway Department (Tracy Road), Whiteland, Ind.
  • Nanshan America, Wea, Ind.

Through our dedicated Roller Pave Division; IMI Concrete plants located in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee; mobile paving equipment; portable concrete production capabilities; customized mix designs; and quality control support at every job site, we conveniently and cost-effectively provide customers with the material and paving expertise needed to support their RCC pavement needs throughout the Midwest.

Roller Pave RCC Performance and Engineering Properties

Long-term RCC performance studies have shown that:

  • The surface layer normally wears away within two to three years, then stabilizes
  • This pavement provides excellent traction
  • Some patches of aggregate segregation will appear
  • The surface will vary in texture and not be as smooth as conventional concrete
  • Its course aggregate is exposed, yet embedded
  • RCC cracks are narrow and tight
  • RCC greatly reduces potholes
  • There will be some raveling, but no faulting

More Roller Pave RCC Information

Contact E&B Roller-Compacted Concrete Manager David Heyde at 765.432.0262 or david.heyde@ebpaving.com to learn how Roller Pave RCC could be a potential solution for your paving needs.

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