Purity Wholesale Grocers – Roller Pave Roller-Compacted Concrete Distribution Center Construction

E&B Area Office:  Indianapolis/Roller Pave Roller-Compacted Concrete Division
Customer:             Duke Construction (Const. Mgr.), Purity Wholesale Grocers (Owner)               Designer:          Woolpert, Inc.

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Project Overview and Implementation


Purity Wholesale Grocers, a leading national grocery, frozen food and dairy product wholesaler, had outgrown its Lebanon, Ind. distribution center and hired Duke Construction to build a new facility on adjacent property. The new center’s parking lot and staging areas required a durable, long-lasting pavement solution that could not only withstand the stresses from daily heavy-duty truck traffic, but also the freeze/thaw cycles typical of Indiana winters.

This case study demonstrates how imix® Roller Pave roller-compacted concrete pavement (RCC) not only provided the density and strength necessary to meet the customer’s daily requirements, but also offered them a fast installation alternative, thus supporting their new distribution center’s overall construction timetable.


Completed in November 2013, Purity’s new distribution center features 479,156 square feet of warehousing space and 39 dock doors for its trucking operations, up from 360,000 square feet and 32 doors in its previous facility.

Several months before undertaking this initiative, E&B Paving collaborated with the development owner to reconstruct a parking lot within the same industrial complex in which 6” of existing asphalt were removed and replaced with 3,300 cubic yards of 6” imix® Roller Pave RCC produced and supplied by IMI Concrete (E&B and IMI Concrete are both part of the Irving Materials, Inc. Group of Companies). Based on this project’s results, the owner recognized the value of the RCC pavement alternative and selected it for the new facility. E&B once again teamed up with IMI Concrete to design, produce and install Roller Pave RCC for the new distribution center.

Because of its low water-cement ratio, Roller Pave RCC pavement typically has high strengths similar to, or even greater than, conventional concrete. Its high-strength properties, combined with ease of construction and high production rate, often make this paving option a more economical alternative than a flexible pavement. Additionally, analyses have shown that RCC pavement resists freezing and thawing weather conditions with little or no maintenance.

Working closely with Duke Construction and IMI Concrete, E&B placed a 6” base of No. 53 stone and overlaid it with 6” of IMI Concrete’s imix® Roller Pave RCC. Utilizing E&B’s specialized RCC paving equipment, the team completed the new distribution center’s paving in one mobilization during a five-day period. In total, the project’s 26,300 square yards of RCC pavement not only exceeded strength and testing standards, but because of its fast application features, supported the facility’s overall construction schedule and subsequent truck traffic.

This installation also marked the first time RCC pavement has been used in a new warehouse construction project in the greater Indianapolis market.

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