Nanshan America Roller-Compacted Concrete Construction

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Owner: Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies
General Contractor: Shiel Sexton
Paving Contractor: E&B Paving
Supplier: IMI Concrete

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Project Overview and Implementation

This case study demonstrates many of the product benefits of imix® Roller Pave roller-compacted concrete (RCC), as well as highlighting that this application was the first dual-lift paving project in Indiana to utilize two high-density pavers. It was also the first time Roller Pave RCC has been installed as a floor inside a building.

IMI Concrete, a division of Irving Materials, Inc., produces imix Roller Pave, a commercial grade RCC pavement mix designed to withstand the weight of large trucks and manufacturing/agricultural equipment. A sustainable and highly cost effective pavement material option, imix Roller Pave offers superior freeze/thaw resistance, strengths exceeding conventional concrete, superior life cycle costs and lower maintenance expenses.

You can learn more about Roller Pave RCC by clicking here.

This large-scale installation at the Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies facility in Wea, Ind., near Lafayette, was a design-build project that began during the summer of 2011 when Irving Materials, Inc. made a presentation to general contractor Shiel Sexton about Roller Pave RCC’s many advantages for this type of heavy-duty application, particularly its cost effectiveness, durability, strength properties and fast installation.

After being awarded the job, E&B created a phased schedule to accommodate the 2011-12 construction seasons. Working closely with Shiel Sexton, we placed 20,135 square yards of 7-inch pavement in a single-lift operation, and 26,875 square yards of 13.5-inch pavement in a dual-lift operation that required one paver to place the bottom lift and another following immediately behind to place the top lift.

After reviewing our work, Shiel Sexton requested us to also pave the interior of a Nanshan building floor with 6,600 square yards of 8-inch and 13.5-inch Roller Pave RCC. Collaborating with site engineers and contractors, we placed the RCC floor after three walls of the new building were erected, thus allowing our paving operations to make their pulls and exit through the open side.

To our knowledge, this was not only the first dual-lift paving project in Indiana that utilized two high-density pavers, but also the first time RCC has been utilized as a floor inside a building.

E&B showcased the Nanshan facility’s innovation by hosting a demonstration day at the construction site where we welcomed customers, engineers, designers, contractors and industry trade groups to observe the installation, learn more about Roller Pave RCC’s benefits for heavy-duty paving requirements, and see how we deployed the high-density pavers in this application.

This project was recognized by the Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association with a 2012 “Outstanding Concrete Award” in the Concrete Commercial/Industrial – Industrial Projects Category, as well as by the Indiana Chapter of the American Concrete Paving Association with a 2013 “Excellence in Concrete Pavement Award” in the Industrial & Special Paving Category.

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