Hamilton County Culvert/Bridge Repair

E&B Area Office:     Noblesville
Customer:                Hamilton County Board of Commissioners
Designer:                 HWC Engineering

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original structure   structure   completed project

Project Overview and Implementation


The Hamilton County Board of Commissioners retained E&B Paving to repair and reconstruct a box culvert damaged by a grain-hauling tractor trailer.  The existing 12’-wide culvert was not only narrow, but undersized as well, which created flooding throughout the surrounding property during heavy rains.

This case study demonstrates E&B’s ability to work with engineering firms and bridge material suppliers to solve a complex design challenge and complete the construction well in advance of the customer’s closure requirement.


The reinforced concrete girder culvert spanning 276th Street in Hamilton County had been in place since 1946.  Following the truck damage, E&B worked closely with the project designer, HWC Engineering, and Contech Engineered Solutions, a civil engineering company headquartered in West Chester, Ohio that specializes in bridge, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary sewer and stormwater solutions, to develop and install a new replacement structure that was 128’ in length, 25’ wide and 12’ high.

Our team started by building a bypass channel to divert water away from the original structure and ditch, as well as from the new culvert location. From there, Contech delivered a ConSpan culvert in 16 pieces that were each set with a crane.  To support faster installation, 12 precast ConSpan Express footings were used in place of cast-in place footings — this was the first time the precast footings were installed in Hamilton County.  In addition, we assembled and placed four wingwall footings that Contech delivered in eight pieces.

Following the ConSpan installation, existing field tiles and yard drains were collected into a ditch and directed toward a 36” reinforced concrete pipe installed across the roadway, thus helping to solve the previous flooding and erosion problems.

After the structure and pipe installation were completed, E&B’s asphalt paving expertise came to the forefront as we graded and paved the roadway spanning both sides of the culvert.

In total, this project entailed:

  • 3,332 cubic yards of excavation
  • 1,591 cubic yards of Type 2 structural backfill
  • 1,265 tons of asphalt
  • 950 tons of rip rap supplied by IMI Aggregates (part of E&B’s parent company, Irving Materials, Inc.)
  • 130 cubic yards of concrete for the culvert footing supplied by IMI Concrete (also a member of the Irving Materials, Inc. Group of Companies)
  • 150’ of installed storm sewer pipe
  • 286 square yards of articulated concrete block for slope stabilization
  • 400’ of guardrail installed by E&B subsidiary firm Specialties Company

Hamilton County’s final field survey showed the structure was within 0.04’ of the proposed elevation.  Working closely with the assembled team, we completed the construction in 75 days, which was two weeks shorter than the contract’s specified 90-day timeframe.

Commenting on the project, Contech Engineering Solutions’ Angelyn Bidlack said: “The E&B team’s attention to detail, commitment to quality and willingness to communicate made a potentially challenging project utilizing new technologies a success.  They are truly a great project partner.”

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