Gallahan Travel Plaza Roller-Compacted Concrete Reconstruction

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Customer: Gallahan Travel Plaza
Designer: E&B Paving

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Project Overview and Implementation

This case study demonstrates the viability and benefits of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) pavement for heavy duty parking lot applications.

RCC is a stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture comprised of course and fine aggregates, Portland cement, fly ash and water. Using our vibratory roller equipment and screed technologies, E&B Paving’s experts place and roller compact the RCC pavement (RCCP) in a similar manner as our asphalt pavement construction solutions. During this process, concrete compaction begins immediately at the paver and continues throughout the roller stages until the pavement meets density requirements.

E&B’s parent company, Irving Materials, Inc., produces imix® Roller Pave, a commercial grade RCC mix designed to withstand the weight of manufacturing and agricultural equipment, as well as large trucks.

You can learn more about RCC by clicking here.

Located at the intersection of US Highway 31 and US Highway 24 in Peru, Ind., Gallahan Travel Plaza is a 24-hour auto and truck center serving thousands of truckers and motorists daily with fuel, maintenance, dining and convenience store services. They are a long-time E&B Paving customer.

The Gallahan lot where truckers park their rigs during breaks was in disrepair. While Gallahan’s owners originally considered simply resurfacing the existing asphalt lot, they contacted E&B Kokomo for guidance and potential alternative paving solutions.

Following an analysis of the lot and its usages, we recognized asphalt resurfacing would not have supported Gallahan’s long-term needs, so we recommended both asphalt and RCC pavement construction options.

Gallahan’s selected the RCC approach given the product’s durability benefits for heavy-duty applications such as this truck parking lot. With support from IMI, E&B replaced the existing 6” of asphalt pavement and installed 1,980 square yards of 6″ Roller Pave RCC in the lot.

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