Fort Wayne Street Resurfacing

E&B Area Office:

Fort Wayne

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City of Fort Wayne

General Contractor:

City of Fort Wayne Transportation Engineering

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Project Overview and Implementation

This case study demonstrates the scope and capabilities of E&B’s integrated team structure, as well as our ability to complete large-scale/ multiple-site paving projects using precisely choreographed planning and scheduling techniques.

The 2013 street resurfacing/repair contract for the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana featured reconstruction and repair of 38 streets, many of which were congested arterial roads and smaller residential avenues. E&B’s key challenge was to complete the project’s milling and paving in a carefully planned order so that we effectively accomplished the operations while minimizing equipment moving costs and labor/ trucking downtime.

E&B Fort Wayne contracted with Mamco to complete the project’s milling, which covered 57,800 square yards of asphalt at depths ranging from one to three inches. Then, using a “round robin” organizational approach in which our trucks went from the paver to the mill to E&B’s Lower Huntington Road Plant in Fort Wayne, we produced, delivered and placed 2,700 tons of intermediate asphalt and 3,970 tons of surface asphalt to the prepared street surfaces.

Drawing upon the talents of team members from E&B area offices in Fort Wayne, Rochester and Marion, we adjusted daily work hours of the milling, prep and paving crews in order to precisely match the plant’s asphalt production schedules.

Another unique challenge on this project was that we had to simultaneously run multiple paving jobs using different asphalt mixes. This required staggering asphalt plant production levels and coordinating efforts among the plant, milling and asphalt crews.

By integrating the expertise of multiple E&B team members and maintaining close communications with the City of Fort Wayne, we ensured the asphalt mixes met all production specifications, and that our equipment and crews were available at precisely the right times and locations to mill and pave the city’s 38 streets.

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