Deardorff Dairy Farm Roller-Compacted Concrete Construction

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Customer: Deardorff Dairy Farm
Designer: E&B Paving

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Project Overview and Implementation

This case study demonstrates the viability and benefits of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) pavement for agricultural facility applications.

RCC is a stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture comprised of course and fine aggregates, Portland cement, fly ash and water. Using our vibratory roller equipment and screed technologies, E&B Paving’s experts place and roller compact the RCC pavement (RCCP) in a similar manner as our asphalt pavement construction solutions. During this process, concrete compaction begins immediately at the paver and continues throughout the roller stages until the pavement meets density requirements.

E&B’s parent company, Irving Materials, Inc., produces imix® Roller Pave, a heavy-duty RCC mix designed to withstand the weight of manufacturing and agricultural equipment, as well as large trucks.

You can learn more about RCC by clicking here.

Located in Macy, Ind., Deardorff Dairy Farm required a new silage pad to support its agricultural operations. The farm’s owner, Mark Deardorff, contacted E&B’s Kokomo office to discuss a concrete application for the pad. Based upon his articulated needs, site visits and the pad’s intended usage, we recommended RCC as a potential solution for his requirements.

“I had previously considered RCC, but after E&B provided me with information about Irving Materials, Inc.,’s Roller Pave RCC and its cost benefits, I learned it would be a faster and more economical paving alternative for the silage pad,” says Deardorff.

With support from Irving Materials, Inc., E&B placed 7,667 square yards of 8″ Roller Pave RCC on the farm during a two-day period. Deardorff expects that RCC’s strength will support the weight of semi-trailers, tractors and 4-wheelers that continually travel across the pad’s surface.  Further, he anticipates the Roller Pave pavement will help to eliminate stockpile loss and improve moisture management of his stored crops.

“Everyone was well prepared for the project.  The speed with which the crew placed the pavement was exactly what we needed and they were very knowledgeable about the entire process.  E&B did everything they promised and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience,” he says.

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